Understanding Implicit Bias: Rewiring Our perceptions and Intentions

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July 10, 2018

Understanidng Implicit Bias:  Rewiring Our Perceptions and Intentions
September 11, 2018
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Lunch provided by Community Partnership for Protecting Children
226 11th St., DeWitt, IA
RSVP by 9/5 to Gwen Deming - http://CPPC2014@icloud.com

Understanding Implicit Bias: Rewiring Our Perceptions and Intentions (UIB), a 1-day learning exchange, developed by the Iowa Department of Human Services’ (DHS) Adult, Children and Family Services Division, brings together professionals, volunteers, and community members to have conversations about the development and impact of implicit bias – in particular, racial bias.

The purpose of UIB is to build capacity to recognize and reduce implicit bias by providing participants with a safe environment in which to explore and challenge their own beliefs and attitudes about bias, to practice better ways of talking to one another about microaggressions and implicit bias, and to begin to have courageous conversations with one another about how implicit bias affects our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Since implicit bias permeates our society, this learning exchange can be beneficial for any person interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding of implicit bias development, impact and interventions.

Defined as a learning exchange, rather than as a training, UIB is both a guided educational experience which uses a standard curriculum and a facilitated discussion that encourages and supports participants’ active involvement in the learning exchange. A team of intensively-trained facilitators with a background in child and family welfare and a commitment to understanding and reducing implicit bias lead the learning exchange.

The current curriculum for the learning exchange includes a PowerPoint presentation, videos, and small and large group activities - vehicles by which participants are challenged to examine their own thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about the impact of implicit bias on their own work and personal lives. Through a description of a concrete strategy participants are encouraged to commit to making a change in their personal lives and/or work practice, relative to what they have learned and experienced in the session.

Though UIB can be used as a “stand alone” interaction, it is recommended that participants have a basic
understanding of racial inequities and injustice. Often participants will have previously attended DHS’s Race: The Power of an Illusion Learning Exchange (RPI) or other foundational trainings which introduce participants to basic racial history, terminology and concepts.

UIB sessions are hosted by volunteers from agencies or other interested groups who provide the audience and the location site for the learning exchange. There is no cost to participants to attend the learning exchange.  6.0 SW CEUs and 5.0 foster parent credit hours may be earned by those in attendance.

In summary, it is the expectation that upon completion of the UIB Learning Exchange, participants will be able to:
□ Discuss terminology and definitions related to implicit bias, particularly racial bias
□ Understand the development of stereotypes over a lifetime and how stereotypes may contribute to
implicit bias
□ Know how implicit bias is measured to aid in understanding what it is, how it is formed and how it is
□ Recognize one’s own implicit bias and the impact it has on clients or other people of color
□ Be able to use techniques to acknowledge and reduce implicit bias in the decision-making process
□ Identify how they can reduce personal and societal implicit bias

Gwen Deming
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